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Insightful, practical, authentic, grounded in author's own experience. A must read for anyone in business!

Mary Harney

Former Minister for Health & Deputy Prime Minister of Ireland / Non Executive Director

I really enjoyed it. It's a great guide for any executive or CEO.

Gary Owens

Ex-CEO / Non-Executive Director

The book has a very clear value-added with respect to identifying all tools that a CEO can use to master the various disciplines, and the risks and opportunities associated with them.

Dirk Broekhuyse

Private Equity Investor

Fun to read, often familiar and also quite a few new elements for me. In particular, I find the large amount of examples used very good. That makes the book fascinating to read.

Thijs Meijling

Managing Director

The angle of firm and flexible is good, well implemented and a red thread throughout the themes and models in the book. Pleasant and interesting to read.

Roy Sijgers


This book strikes me as a great framework of the key foundations of leadership and I go back to it every now and then. It's a bit like practicing my fundamentals as a former basketball or piano player: I had to revisit these fundamentals regularly to make sure my foundation kept strong.

Marcel Wassink

Ex-CEO / Senior Exec (Healthtech)

This is a book you will read with a highlighter and keep around for routine reference. It is intelligently laid out, from the vision, through the principles that should always be front of mind for any CEO. It discusses how a proper personal pradigm affects organizational values, including honest and routine evaluations. It takes many of the concepts that I studied in business school and applies them in a practical way for any business.

John Hayes


Well written book. It describes the theory and practical applications based on real life and real business practice. Analytical and very useful.

Kaveh Golshayan

Senior Exec (Data science)

The 6 Disciplines of Leadership

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